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Champion's Quest

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Champion's Quest: Episodic Adventures

Note: Can only be experienced after purchasing related Marketplace Content.

Play alone or team up on the same screen or online over Xbox Live and journey through Kora to battle the corrupting forces of the Void.

Rescue the Sparks from the Void that are determined to siphon their power, and reveal the ancient Kode Glyphs to solve devious puzzles. Save Kora and unravel the mystery behind the Void’s emergence and threat to the Universe.

Project Spark has Episodic Adventures that are to be progressively released over time to engage players with the entire Project Spark experience. This can be played with friends on Xbox One with Multiplayer where you can choose a Champion and progress through a few maps, fighting enemies and completing quests. A series of maps that tie a story together while progressively introducing new gameplay aspects to the player. If the Creation Bundle is also unlocked, players can view and edit the levels of this content as well. One of the key features of Champion's Quest, is that it bridges the Kode and Editor with real gameplay. Players now fight enemies to acquire Kode Tiles to complete the broken Kode functions. Each puzzle is taught to the player in the form of Kode, and is also expected to be solved as such. Requiring the Player to understand what's making the game work.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As the battle rages between the Creation Well and the Void, Spark travels to Kora and recruits Champions to battle the Void. Champions and Spark work together to battle the void, protect the inhabitants of Kora, and ultimately determine the fate of the Universe.

Champions are pruned from seemingly everyday people that have an inherent skill, power, or trait and are often brave, noble, or in some way a bastion of good and hope. Champions are often looking to save or protect their very world and remain committed to defeating the Void once its true purpose comes to light.

While Sparks often develop strong emotional bonds with their Champions, the very act of becoming a Champion occurs when a Spark melds with the Champion. This act brings out their natural powers, can bring forth additional powers, and allows the Spark and Champion to intuitively work together. This also allows Sparks and Kodite to become visible by these chosen Champions. These powers tend to grow in power or reveal themselves as the Champions themselves becomes more experienced in their new role. Ultimately, it is unpredictable as to who and when Spark will anoint a new Champion. It is unknown exactly what a Spark needs to see in a candidate and why they choose who they do.

The Map of Kora

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Champion's Quest is intended to have local Multiplayer, but appears to be bugged and not functioning. [1]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Currently one Episode exists, Void Storm. With a series of 6 maps and 1 bonus stage it offers a slight amount of gameplay and a large set of assets for creators.

Episode 1: Void Storm[edit | edit source]

See also: Void Storm A tiny but powerful Spark leaves the Creation Well and travels to a fantastical world to recruit an army of Champions. Together, they confront the Void - an ancient world-devouring force that threatens to destroy the entire universe.

Episode 2: Goblin Wars[edit | edit source]

(Coming Soon!)

Notes[edit | edit source]