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Description[edit | edit source]

This page contains Marketplace content that can be purchased with Credits ONLY. You have to play in order to obtain these purchases. However some of them may be included as a part of another Bundle.

Available Packs[edit | edit source]

Type(s) Name Credits Icon
Prop Stone Hook 500Icon-credits.png
Prop Treasure Pile 500Icon-credits.png
Prop Ancient Gravestones 750Icon-credits.png
Prop Candles 750Icon-credits.png
Prop Curved Stone Pipe 750Icon-credits.png
Prop Info Sign 750Icon-credits.png
Prop Reinforced Barricade 750Icon-credits.png
Prop Rustic Bench - Fancy 750Icon-credits.png
Prop Rustic Wodden Table 750Icon-credits.png
Prop Tall Stove Pipe 750Icon-credits.png
Prop Apprentice's Tent 1,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Hunter's Canopy 1,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Hunter's Shelter 1,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Royal Banner - Wolf 1,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Royal Flag - Wolf 1,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Rustic Beam 1,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Rustic Shelter 1,000Icon-credits.png
Prop TNT Bundle 1,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Treasure Map 1,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Wizard Statue 1,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Wizard Tent 1,000Icon-credits.png
Paint Fancy Brick 3,000Icon-credits.png
Trap / Character Horned Toad 3,000Icon-credits.png
Paint Limestone 3,000Icon-credits.png
Prop / Equipment Magician's Torch 3,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Rustic Archery Dummy 3,000Icon-credits.png
Prop Rustic Fan 3,000Icon-credits.png
Prop / Trap Rustic Spike Strip 3,000Icon-credits.png
Prop / Trap Rustic Spike Wall 3,000Icon-credits.png
Prop / Equipment Stone Sword 3,000Icon-credits.png
Prop / Equipment Woodsman's Hand Saw 3,000Icon-credits.png
Prop / Equipment Knight's Legend Axe 4,500Icon-credits.png
Prop / Equipment Knight's Legend Sword 4,500Icon-credits.png