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The Player, is you. Your Xbox Live profile is automatically associated with your Player Profile when logging into Project Spark for the first time. When on PC, if you sign into Windows with the same email address associated with your Xbox Live account, then once again they will automatically become associated with one another. Otherwise Project Spark will create an Xbox Live profile for you upon logging in for the first time. This profile has a temporary name which can be changed at the Xbox Live website.

In Project Spark, the player is often referred to as the fictional entity within their universe known as Spark. The Player is introduced to the concept and notion of Spark in varying degrees and often in conflicting manners. The users themselves must distinguish which Spark the game is referring to on their own as this isn't immediately obvious. When the player is being spoken to, and being called "Spark" it is often in direct reference to you, the individual. This also presents itself in the Spark Level aspect of the Player profile and interface. However when playing within the different game modes, the Spark becomes a creature itself often with a Narrator talking to it. You can never actually control this Spark, so it's not obvious if the Narrator is speaking to you the individual in this manner, or the sparingly interactable NPC within the Play modes.

Spark Level[edit | edit source]

When either creating, playing or even just exploring the various interfaces of Project Spark you are often rewarded with XP. When accumulating enough experience, Players gain a Spark Level. At one point in time, content was locked to your specific Spark Level, requiring Players to invest time into the software prior to being able to utilize many of its features. This however was a change made in a patch shortly after release.

Level 1 270/600

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